Is Pamela Anderson Pregnant?

October 30, 2009 By:
Is Pamela Anderson Pregnant?

Could Pamela Anderson be pregnant? The 41-year-old actress and activist has been sporting a little baby bump lately, which has led everyone to think there may be a bun in the oven.

But her designer pal Richie Rich insists she's not preggers. "She’s not pregnant, not broke and just happy," he told Us Weekly Thursday at the S. Kuhlman launch in NYC.

And he doesn't expect her to comment on the reports either. "She doesn’t have to say anything because they’re not true," he said.

"She actually gets upset because her kids go to school. Of course, she cares. She’s a human being. We’re all human. We just poop glitter that’s the only difference."

Richie Rich added that we should believe everything we hear about Pam because "most of the time it's not true... She's an icon, and she lives her life, and people can say this or that - most of the time it's not true. I think Pamela represents a big responsibility in being a cool person. And that's why I like her. She's cool, and I’d want her to be my soccer mom!"

So it sounds like this Soccer mom just got a hold of the kid’s snacks and maybe had a burger before the photo was taken. Better yet, call it relationship 15. Happy couples will tend to gain a little bit of weight. Blame it on romantic dinners.