Photographer Calls Out P. Diddy On Twitter: #Payyourbillsdiddy

May 25, 2012 By:
Photographer Calls Out P. Diddy On Twitter: #Payyourbillsdiddy

P. Diddy is facing some serious backlash after a freelance photographer calls him out on Twitter.

Rob Hoffman, who claims to have worked for Diddy’s company in February, is still waiting to get paid. And upon seeing Diddy’s tweet bragging about his intent to frivolously spend a sh**tload of money -- "I think while I'm in miami imma go to a strip club and break my own record! Imma throw atleast 2 mill. For everyone. Not just the strippers."

Hoffman's had enough. In three parts:

#1: "So cool dude! I worked for you in February and still haven't gotten paid or reimbursed for my expenses. Have a f****** ball."

#2: "Infuriating when you fight to get paid by people who are bragging about throwing 2 mil around at a f****** strip club. #payyourbillsdiddy."

#3: "I'd love it you could all tweet @iamdiddy and ask him why he pretends he can throw 2 mil around at a strip club, but he can't pay his bills."

And while Hoffman has a right to be upset if he really didn't get paid and #payyourbillsdiddy has trended up a storm, the real issue seems to have gotten buried in the feed.

It’s seriously doubtful that Diddy set out to screw Hoffman, or any has any recollection of who he actually is (assuming they even met at all).

Anyone who’s ever freelanced knows it’s not the figureheads of the companies writing your checks, its some socially awkward person in accounts payable (who’s buried in stacks of actual paper) signing the bottom line. Sometimes they’re on top of things, sometimes not.

So accusing Diddy personally of not paying his bills is a bit off target, because he doesn’t pay his bills, he pays people to do that for him.

The larger issue here is that most people work really hard every day, some are just compensated better than others. And the ones that aren’t stacking up the fat racks after a grueling 14 hour shift of manual labor, don’t need Diddy rubbing his billions in their faces. Diddy isn’t special, he didn’t technically earn all he has, he just got lucky.

And while Diddy might be try to justify his excessiveness with claims of boosting the economy of adult entertainment --

"I know you may think its better ways for me to spend my money. But its my m*****f***** money! I support the stripper association of america!"

-- It seems the hearty sum could probably be stretched further than one night of free rounds and drunken debauchery…

Maybe Diddy could pay for his kid’s college tuition and free up that full-ride scholarship his son just received for someone who actually needs it?