Peter Cook's Mistress Also Had Affair With Diddy

July 4, 2008 By:
Peter Cook's Mistress Also Had Affair With Diddy

This Diana Bianchi girl gets around! Not only did she help to ruin the marriage between Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley, but now reports have surfaced that she and Diddy had a fling! Kim Porter would not be happy!

According to The National Enquirer, Diana visited Diddy's recording studio with a friend who knew him, and shortly thereafter began an affair with him.

She told a friend she thought she was the reason he and Kim called off the marriage. Diddy's people deny the affair, but Diana says he was very involved in her music career, and would even send spies to her voice rehearsals to watch her.

What a home wrecker this girl is! And to think that Christie Brinkley feels bad for her for being "manipulated" by her husband. Sounds like Diana knows exactly what she's doing.