P.Diddy Refuses Police Weapons Search

February 4, 2009 By:
P.Diddy Refuses Police Weapons Search

Oh Diddy, you’ll never learn, will you? P. Diddy threw another one of his temper tantrums on Monday night when he showed up to club M2 on West 28th street in New York City to co-host a birthday party for DJ Clue.

When Diddy arrived at the club around 1:45am with an entourage of 6, he reportedly “flipped out” when he discovered that the NYPD had sent over an undercover cop to conduct detailed searches for guns and weapons.

"Everyone wanted to make sure that the dozens of NBA stars in attendance, including Lamar Odom, Vince Carter and Pau Gasol, would be safe," an insider told Page Six.

When he cop asked to search him and his friends, "He went nuts, saying, 'Why are you disrespecting me like this? Why are you doing this to me?' During the commotion, one of his guys slipped away, unsearched, back to the car."

A furious Diddy then texted DJ Clue asking if he could go in through the back entrance. When he was told he had to be searched just like the rest of the guests, he decided to skip the party.

Hmm…what could he have been hiding? Hasn’t he learned his lesson? He got in trouble with the law back in ’99 when a member of his entourage opened fire in a NYC nightclub.

The pistol was later found in one of his cars. Fortunately for him he was acquitted of gun-possession charges, but he might not get so lucky the second time around.