P.Diddy and Cameron Diaz Hookup?

June 2, 2008 By:
P.Diddy and Cameron Diaz Hookup?

Rumor has it that P. Diddy and Cameron Diaz are hooking up. Diddy and Cam were spotted together at a book launch party for Prince on Friday night.

Apparently they looked very cozy together, laughing and holding hands. At one point she even spoon-fed him some bread pudding.

After the party, they headed over to Prince's Beverly Hills mansion where according to New York Daily News, "Diddy was bringing his lips towards hers when he realized someone was approaching," said a source. "Smiling, they closed the theatre's door and locked it."

Bread pudding, giggling and hiding behind closed doors? Sounds like a scene out of cheesy 80's high school movie. They have been going on secret dates since March though, so we wouldn't be surprised if they were actually together.