Happy Cinco de Mayo! Celebs Who Get Paid to Drink

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Celebs Who Get Paid to Drink

Saturday is May 5, aka “Cinco de Mayo,” a holiday marked with Mexican pride, spicy food, and shots of tequila.

Who doesn’t like to cut loose and have a couple drinks from time to time? But this year, in between those slices of limes and salt, take the time to consider this:

Lots of celebrities have turned their drinking hobbies into business ventures by endorsing their favorite boozing brands or even creating their own. Some could be brands that you already know and love.

So, which celebs are you drinking this holiday?


1)Marilyn Manson - Mansinthe (blackout)

2) Willie Nelson – Old Whiskey River Bourbon

3) Dan Ackroyd – Crystal Head Vodka

4) Diddy – Ciroc Vodka

5) Justin Timberlake – 901 Tequila

6) Ludacris – Conjure Cognac (smooth)

7) Roberto Cavalli – Roberto Cavalli Vodka

8) Donald Trump – Trump Super Premium Vodka

9) Danny DeVito – Danny Devito Premium Limoncello

10) Flavor Flav – Le Flav Spirits

11) Jimmy Buffett – Margartitaville Tequilla

12) Willem Dafoe – Jim Beam

13) Bruce Willis – Seagrams Wine Cooler (that’s embarrassing)

14) Bettheny Frankel – Skinny Girl Margaritas


1) Hanson – MMMBop IPA

2) “Jackie Moon,” aka Will Ferrell – Bud Light

3) Jimmy Buffet – Landshark


1) Lil Jon – Lil Jonathan Winery

2) Francis Ford Coppola – Francis Ford Coppola Winery

3) Yao Ming – Yao Family Wines

4) Drew Barrymore – Barrymore Wines

5) Jeff Gordon – Jeff Gordon Wines

6) Wayne Gretsky – No. 99 Estates Winery (the great one!)

7) Madonna – Ciccone Vineyard and Winery

(Note to reader: we do not recommend sampling all of these at once unless you have nowhere to go for a couple days.)

So, which celebrities do you want to see on next year’s lineup?

“Robert Downey Jr. Blue Label”… Amanda Bynes “Downward Spiral” Vodka… Charlie Sheen’s “Tiger Blood” Tequila… Brangelina Vineyards…

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