Diddy's Ship Gets Looted By Pirates

August 28, 2008 By:
Diddy's Ship Gets Looted By Pirates

This sounds like a scene right out of a movie! A yacht that frequented by Jack Nicholson, Giorgio Armani, and Diddy has been stormed by pirates!

This past Monday, a group of masked men climbed aboard the famed $36.7 million yacht while it was anchored off the French island of Corsica, and proceeded to rob its passengers.

No celebs that we know of were on board at the time, but the guests were ordered to empty their pockets and hand over their jewelry. And when you can afford to be a passenger on that kind of boat, you know you got some bling!

The men, wielding handguns and rifles, made off with $183,180 in total. They haven't been caught yet, and were able to exit the scene via speedboat. Where's Captain Jack Sparrow when you need him?!