Diddy Ditches His Bling Because of Economic Crisis

December 8, 2008 By:
Diddy Ditches His Bling Because of Economic Crisis

Oh, how nice of Diddy to dress less flashy during this time of economic crisis in our country. Rather than being his usual self, dressing to the nines, Diddy has opted to tone down his look for the sake of us regular folk who are just trying to make ends meet!

He tells Page Six magazine, "Out of respect, I’ve been trying to dress less flashy. It’s one thing to be stylish; it’s another to be over-the-top. You gotta know when to hold back and not rub it in."

Well, that’s certainly a nice start for Diddy. Now if he could just start lending people his private jet every once in awhile, then we’d be in business!

Someone might want to tell him that a fur trim coat, which was what he was sporting last week in New York, is considered dressing flashy. Better yet, someone call PETA and show them this photo. And those 3 caret diamond earrings aren't helping either. Let's try this whole 'I'm not going to dress flashy' thing one more time Diddy.