Ben Stiller Gets Roasted

November 14, 2008 By:
Ben Stiller Gets Roasted

At a Museum of the Moving Image event on Wednesday night, big name celebrities took their turns making jokes and having fun with the guest of honor - Ben Stiller.

Diddy, Jack Black, and even Ben's own mother all got into the comedic spirit by roasting him one at a time.

P. Diddy told the room: "I put Ben in my video for 'Bad Boy for Life.' I thought he'd return the favor. But I guess I wasn't black enough to be in 'Tropic Thunder.' I'm trying not to let my animosity affect my introduction."

Jack Black talked about the task of having to find a tux for the evening saying, "The lady at Bergorf's measured my neck and said '18.5 inches? That is too big, sir.' So I walked three blocks to the big-and-tall store, where they welcomed me with beefy, open arms."

Ben's mother, Anne Meara added, "When I first met Ben I was overweight, and it was via an emergency C-section." They also included a video with funny shout-outs from Judd Apatow, Adam Sandler, and Mike Meyers. It sounds like Ben Stiller was a pretty good sport.