Owen Wilson Preps for Daddy Duty

January 10, 2011 By:
Owen Wilson Preps for Daddy Duty

Owen Wilson is going to be a dad! I know, I was shocked too! The former hot mess is expecting his first baby with Jade Buell, who is “due any day,” according to Us Magazine.

Buell is currently in Hawaii, which is where she wants to give birth. Smart cookie to go through labor in such a relaxing atmosphere! Sources say Wilson is "very excited and involved with the pregnancy," and that they "want to do everything as natural as possible."

Uh-oh! You know what that means—she’s going to attempt to give birth without an epidural! Yikes! I’m sending that poor woman good thoughts now…

Apparently Owen has seriously changed his ways in recent years. The source says he’s been really hands-on, and "has been been doing research and learning as much as he can. He's super into it and asks a lot of questions to make sure he knows what's going on every step of the way."

So cute! I’m really happy to see him doing so much better after that whole mess he went through with Kate Hudson.

Congratulations to Owen and Jade in advance!