Exclusive Photos & Details: Owen Wilson Schooled 3x's By Ping Pong Emporium Owner

August 17, 2012 By:
Exclusive Photos & Details: Owen Wilson Schooled 3x's By Ping Pong Emporium Owner

Who needs the Olympics when you have celebrity tomfoolery?

A Tuesday late night marathon of ping-pong ended poorly for comedy actor, Owen Wilson. The crooked-nosed joker went head-to-head with an Atlanta ping-pong club owner, losing his dignity and his prized Hawaiian hat.

Hollyscoop spoke with the game’s champion Grant Henry, owner of Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping-Pong Emporium bar, to get the scoop on how the match went down.

“Owen came in with about three or four people,” said Henry. “I got a call from my bartender saying 'Owen Wilson is here and he wants to challenge you to a game of Ping-Pong.’”

When Henry warned Wilson over the phone that he was in for an a**-kicking, the actor replied confidently to “bring it on.”

Henry reported promptly to the bar where he met Wilson and his posse. The owner ordered two shots of whiskey - one for him and one for Owen. They pounded the drinks and began to play.

The match started out well for Wilson with Henry being "amazed at how good he was.”

But things quickly turned sour and Henry ended up winning 21-18. He challenged the actor to another game, saying that, if he won again, he would get to keep Wilson’s trucker hat.

“Little did I know at the time that it was his prized and favorite Hawaii trucker hat,” said Henry. “He wears it all the time.”

Wilson accepted the challenge, but lost the game, surrendering his hat to the bar owner.

During a third game to try to win the hat back, Wilson lost again by even bigger numbers, 21-12. The actor settled by taking Henry’s own hat as a door prize, which features – oddly – a picture of Henry on it.

This isn’t an isolated incident of Henry schooling a celebrity. Even with the bar being a hotspot for celebrity sightings in the past – from Lady Gaga, to Marisa Tomei, to Vince Vaughn – the owner attributes Wilson’s challenge to a previous victory against the actor’s friend, Ben Stiller.

“I beat Stiller in a tournament and, shortly after, he went on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ talking about playing me and ping-ping … He had a chip on his shoulder because I kicked his a**,” said Henry. “My guess is that he had Owen come in to challenge me because he had a vendetta against me.”

In the future, Henry hopes to officially settle the score by challenging the comedy duo in a televised game of ping-pong on “Jimmy Kimmy Live!”