Stars React to Oscars

February 23, 2009 By:
Stars React to Oscars

At last night's Leeza Gibbon's "Night to Make a Difference" Oscar after party, all the stars were talking about how talented and great Hugh Jackman was on the award wining stage.

Eva La Rue from CSI Maimi tells Hollyscoop, "He [Hugh Jackman] did a fantastic job. I thought that he was a keen to Billy Crystal because that's who I miss doing it. Billy Crystal does not have the singing and dancing chops that Hugh Jackman has, but I really enjoyed him!"

Eva continued, "I love that the Oscars got back to the big spectacular, stand out performances. I saw Beyonce and I loved all the tributes to all the musicals!"

Joey Fatone, who walked down the red carpet with a fresh pair of Creative Recreation Footwear, remembers, "I was there when he [Hugh Jackman] did the first Tony Awards, he was good then and even better now."

When it comes to the big winners at the Oscars, "Slumdog was the standout winner and they deserved it," said Gilles Marini from this seasons Dancing with the Stars.

Kathy Hilton raves, "I really loved Sean Penn and his message was great!"

Even before the Oscar winners were announced, Jane Seymour told Hollyscoop, "I'm rooting for Kate Winslet and Slumdog." And boy was she dead on with her nominee picks for the Oscars!