Rudo Y Cursi: Oscar Contender?

May 8, 2009 By:
Rudo Y Cursi: Oscar Contender?

Is it too early to start chatting about the 2010 Academy Awards race? Never! Especially when it comes to Director Carlos Cuarón’s latest film Rudo Y Cursi.

Rudo Y Cursi is a film “about brothers” who play soccer in Mexico, get discovered, and then put on rival teams. “It’s a wolf hitting against a sheep,” said director Carlos Cuarón (who co-wrote Oscar Nominated Y Tu Mamá También). “It’s a lot of fun.” spoke exclusively with the film’s team during its Tribeca Film Festival premier as both media and fans swarmed lead actors Diego Luna (from Milk) and Gael García Bernal (from Babel).

How was it working with Diego and Gael? “It was a privilege” said Director Carlos Cuarón. “These two guys are just amazing. The chemistry they have between the two of them is something that replaces years of rehearsals.”

The film shot in Mexico and though the cast did not witness any of the wars going on, Carlos shared that drug lords are “a part of Mexican reality. Its not that I like them they just exist.”

Certainly, winning an Academy Award would garner more positive press for Mexico and according to Tom Bernard (co-president of Sony Pictures Classics), Rudo Y Cursi “Definitely could be one of the five” foreign film contenders because “you’ve never seen anything like it. These are the most talented guys in Mexico not to mention producer Guillermo (of Pans Labyrinth), and the director. It’s not the type of movie you see every day which is what people like.”

On May 8th, Rudo Y Cursi opens up in theatres. Check it out movie critics and let us know... will it win an Academy Award? Or is Oscar too far post? (to use a soccer term). Cast your vote!