Oscars Moving Again!

June 23, 2010 By:
Oscars Moving Again!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences seem to be very confused as to when the Oscars should be held.

This year, the Oscars were moved from February to March because of the Olympics and rumor has it that the date might change next year as well.

According to Deadline Hollywood, The Academy is considering moving the Oscars to January, which is interesting considering that the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards are both in January.

Certain people in the industry do not see this as a bad thing. They actually think it would be a good move.

"The awards season is too long currently. This will shorten and reduce the amount of campaigning," one studio head said. "Also, it will make the Oscars the definitive awards show again. The Globes can't move a lot earlier as all the movies wouldn't be released yet.

The Oscars should just move it to the beginning of February! It's the biggest event of the year and it's what all award shows lead up to. Besides, it will give the Academy enough time to vote fairly.