Oscar Ratings are Up from Last Year, but Don't Impress the Critics

February 23, 2009 By:
Oscar Ratings are Up from Last Year, but Don't Impress the Critics

Well, the numbers are in from last night, and they never lie! A preliminary measurement of the nations biggest markets shows ratings for this year’s Oscars up by 6 percent! But before you get too excited, the telecast is likely to be in the three-least watched Oscars ever. An estimated 34 million viewers tuned in last night, which wasn’t enough to break any records. New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago all had the highest ratings in the country.

So what is it with no one being interested in the Academy Awards lately? Perhaps it’s because people can go online to any given website and get the Cliff’s Notes version of the telecast, without having to sit on their couch and watch it for 3 hours.

But despite the low numbers, Hugh Jackman says he had a great time hosting the show. Critics tore his opening number apart. The New York Post likened it to cruise ship performing, while the New York Daily News said Jackman’s performance needed the powers of Wolverine. Newsweek went out on a limb to say the big Beyonce number seemed like it was stolen from American Idol.

Ouch! We really liked the playfulness of it! And how can you go wrong with a Baz Lurhman directed piece. Nonetheless, Jackman had fun. He told reporters after the show, “I had the time of my life.”

Did you tune in to watch the entire show last night? What did you think of the telecast as a whole? Did Jackman impress you as the host?