Mike Myers and Kevin Kline Reveal 'Oscar Etiquette'

February 22, 2012 By:
Mike Myers and Kevin Kline Reveal 'Oscar Etiquette'

Mike Myers is teaching Kevin Kline an important lesson: how to be a well-behaved Oscar winner.

In a new Funny or Die-produced video for Oscar.com, Myers schools the actor on the proper Oscar etiquette.

“Winning an Oscar is a great honor,” Kevin says in the video. “It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s all good. There are just certain weird things that come along with it….”

And that’s when Sir Cecil Worthington, played by Myers, enters. “The Academy has deemed it necessary that you take a refresher course on this statuette that we call…Oscar," he tells Kline.

This “refresher course” includes a lesson on how to properly hold the Oscar statue: “Keep the thumb below the bum.”

The Academy has been releasing a series of entertaining videos, and we can expect more to come at the Oscars 2012.

“Comedy is what really helps keep people with you, and keeps an evening moving and entertaining when you have a long show,” Oscar executive producer Don Mischer says.

The 84th Annual Academy Awards will take place Sunday, February 26 and will be broadcast live on ABC at 7 ET, 4PST