10 Oscar Winners and The Weird Places They Keep Their Statues

February 25, 2012 By:
10 Oscar Winners and The Weird Places They Keep Their Statues

For most of us, the awards and trophies we've earned in our lifetimes are boxed up somewhere in our mom's attic. Because let's face it, nobody cares about your 1995 Little League All Stars Softball win. But when one of your trophies is an Oscar--well, that's another story.

For actors and actresses, taking home an Oscar is the biggest milestone of their career, and probably one of the most epic events of their lifetime. So of course, they want to keep that token of their memory—the beloved Oscar statue—in a safe place. A safe place where also everyone can see it. Usually that's on a mantle in their home.

But that doesn't go for everyone. Here are some of our favorite Oscar winners and the bizarre places they keep their Oscars.

Goldie Hawn: Goldie keeps her golden statue on a bench in her 'India Room', which is a room where she meditates.

Russell Crowe: Russell won Best Actor in 2001 for ‘Gladiator.’ So where does the classically handsome hunk keep his Oscar? Reportedly, in a chicken coop on his ranch in Australia.

Anna Paquin: Anna says she keeps her statue in her closet “next to my boots.”

Timothy Hutton: Hutton won an Oscar in 1981 and said: "About five years ago, my sister and I were having a party at my house in upstate New York. She put it in the refrigerator. She thought that would be kind of funny to put the Oscar in the refrigerator when people would go grab a beer or something ... It's still there."

Gwyneth Paltrow: The star says she keeps her Oscar statue “tucked away at the back of the bookshelf in my bedroom.”

Nicole Kidman: Nicole won Best Actress in 2003 for ‘The Hours’, but she doesn’t keep her Academy Award in her house. It’s sitting on the mantle of her mom’s home in Sydney.

Emma Thompson: The multiple Oscar winner keeps her trophies by a throne—in her bathroom.

“They look too outré anywhere else,” Thompson said. Hate to see those things under a black light.

Jodie Foster: Another bathroom-obsessed Oscar winner! Jodie says she kept her Oscars in the bathroom because “they looked good with the faucets.” But when the bottom of the statues started corroding, she put them in a trophy case in her den. Hope she Lysol’ed them first.

Reese Witherspoon: Reese keeps hers in the living room and makes people give a speech if they want to hold it.

Jamie Foxx: Jamie doesn’t keep his Oscar statue anywhere because the actor gave it to his manager. C’mon! They’re already getting 10%.