10 Celebrities Who Surprisingly Haven't Won an Oscar

February 25, 2012 By:
10 Celebrities Who Surprisingly Haven't Won an Oscar

There’s so much talent out there, and only so many Academy Awards. So naturally, not every A-lister is going to have a golden Oscar statuette on display in their living room. Or, if you’re Kate Winslet, in your bathroom.

There are plenty of actors and actresses who are deserving of an Oscar, don’t get us wrong. But there are some stars who are not only talented, but constantly in the spotlight as well. You would just assume they have an Oscar under their belt, but surprisingly, they do not. Here are ten celebs who we can't believe haven’t won an Oscar.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Nominated for Best Actor in both Blood Diamond and The Aviator, Leo surprisingly hasn’t taken home an Oscar. This year, he wasn’t even nominated for his portrayal of J.Edgar Hoover in J.Edgar. Then again, 2011 had some stiff competition.

Johnny Depp: Johnny has been nominated for three Awards for Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd, and Finding Neverland but obviously, he hasn't won. He’s such an iconic A-lister, you’d think he was an Oscar winner. But don’t feel bad for him; I’m sure he’s crying into his pillow made out of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ money.

Julianne Moore : If you’ve seen Julianne Moore in any movie ever, you’ll be surprised to know this actress has never won an Academy Award. Maybe she’ll get something next year for her portrayal of Sarah Palin in the upcoming flick, Game Change.

Cary Grant: Silver screen legend Carey Grant is surprisingly not an Oscar winner. Frankly, my dear, I’m shocked! He was nominated twice, once for None but the Lonely Heart and another for Penny Serenade.

James Dean: This Rebel Without A Cause is renowned for being one of the best actors of his time. He exemplified the art of Method Acting and moved everyone with his performances. But surprisingly, he never won an Oscar.

Edward Norton: Edward Norton deserves an Oscar for his role in American History X alone. Norton is very discerning when it comes to the movies he chooses (okay, maybe besides ‘Death to Smoochy’), and he’s one of the greatest actors out there. But nope, he hasn’t yet won an Oscar.

Glenn Close: Glenn has gotten five nominations but no statues. At this year’s Academy Awards, Glenn is nominated for Actress in a Leading Role for her role in Albert Nobbs. Let’s hope she’s not going to be ignored this year. But with Meryl Streep nominated in the same category, it’s gonna be a tough award to walk away with.

Michelle Pfieffer: Michelle has been nominated by ‘Empire’ magazine as one of the “100 Movie Stars of All Time”, but surprisingly, although she’s been nominated several times, Michelle has never taken home an Award.

Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise might be Box Office gold, but when it comes to an Oscar, he’s been snubbed. Sure, he’s known for his crazy action stunts, but he’s also proven his talent in films like Adaptation and Jerry Maguire. The Academy is probably scared of what he’ll jump on if he wins.

Peter O’Toole: Peter has been nominated eight times for Best Actor and has yet to win anything. He might be old, but he’s still making movies. So there’s still time!