Oscar thoughts

March 6, 2006 By:

I’m not the one to sit down and watch the entire Oscars from 5 - 8:30, but Jon Stewart definitely got my attention. The overall show was kind of mundane and no interesting characters walked over the seats (in reference to that Italian dude one year--only Europeans would do such things), but I have to admit it got me stuck to my comfortable sofa for 3 and a freaking half hour. Although the poor guy (Jon) was most likely censored from speaking what he believes in by the big guys at ABC--just like the average American is of course, he got some good points across. Since I’ve started this blog on a political tone, I am ecstatic that the highly deserving "Crash" won best film. More of our ignorant public needs to be aware of such films which bring up controversial topics pointing out the clashes of race, the never dying and existing prejudice and overall taboo materials we normally whisper about and are afraid to speak up. Good Job CRASH. I can’t say I wasn’t anticipating at least one bash on Bush, but hey Mr. Academy wouldn’t want to step into territory where it might lead him to big trouble. But good job on bringing Jon. Don’t censor him next time, he is better when he tells the truth.

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