Florida Fox Station Refuses To Air New Osbournes Show

March 31, 2009 By:
Florida Fox Station Refuses To Air New Osbournes Show

The Osbournes are ready to tear apart the television waves yet again, but not everybody is excited to see them return to TV. In fact, a Fox affiliate station is going one step further by refusing to air their new variety show on the network.

The head of Panama City, Florida Fox affiliate WPGX says he watched a six-minute preview of Osbournes: Reloaded and felt uncomfortable watching. As of now, the show is set to debut Tuesday at 8:20 PM. The strange time was picked to keep viewers of top-rated American Idol watching the show.

Sounds like a smart idea to us, but still not worth it to WPGX, since they’ve opted to air The Simpsons at that time. General manager David Cavileer says he would have rather air the Osbournes show at a much later time. Too bad for people who live in that area! They’re going to miss the genius comedy of Ozzie and family!

Check out a preview of the show below. Does it make you feel uncomfortable?