US Politicians Protest Orphan Movie

July 22, 2009 By:
US Politicians Protest Orphan Movie

The new movie Orphan isn’t being received well by both the members of the Senate and House of Representatives. The film is about an orphan girl who gets adopted by a family. She starts off seeming like an other cute girl on the block, but slowly starts wreaking havoc on her family’s lives.

The film has now prompted discussion about the possible negative impact this may have on those wishing to adopt. Both Washington politicians and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation are bothered by the controversial film, and want viewers to boycott.

Politicians wrote a letter published in the DC Examiner saying, “While we understand the movie may be intended as a far-fetched thriller, its trailer contains images and messages about adopted youth that are inaccurate.”

“While these children often come from troubled families, they have the ability to form healthy relationships, achieve in school and succeed in life when given the opportunity. Having met with hundreds of these young people as part of our advocacy for change, we can personally attest to how incredibly strong, loving, and promising they each are.”

Dr. Jane Aronson, a pediatrician and CEO of the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, echoed their statement. The website says Aronson is “encouraging moviegoers to boycott the film to send a strong message to studio executives that they cannot make money off of orphans and vulnerable children.”

The doctor believes Orphan “continues to perpetuate gross misinformation about adoption” as “the movie trailer has already caused great distress on adopted children who have seen the trailer in their neighborhood theaters and the comfort of their homes.”

The movie opens this weekend on July 24th. Will you be going to see it???