Orlando Bloom's House Robbed

July 16, 2009 By:
Orlando Bloom's House Robbed

Orlando Bloom is the latest victim of home robbery.

The actor, who is currently in New York, had his Hollywood Hills robbed and the thief made out with $500,000 dollars worth of jewelry!

According to TMZ, the thieves broke into his house through a window late last night and got away with the goods, which included two very expensive watches.

So far there are no suspects, but who knew he had that much jewelry laying around? Why don't celebrities buy massive safes for their homes if they have that much jewelry?

Lock your doors people! Set up alarm systems and buy a watchdog. No one is safe anymore--especially celebrities with expensive goodies.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources say it wasn't a "a typical burglary," which means it could have been an inside job! More details coming soon.