Top 3 Celebrity Philanthropists

December 11, 2010 By:
Top 3 Celebrity Philanthropists

Oprah always manages to prove to the world what kind of awesome person she really is and that she really does care for all the people of the world.

The talk show queen has donated $40 million mainly through her Oprah Winfrey Foundation for causes like education and programs for women and children. Awesome!

"There are many generous celebrities, but when you can top a list of celebrity philanthropists three out of four years, as Oprah has, that is saying something,” said Marc Pollick, president of The Giving Back Fund.

Taking the #2 spot is novelist Nora Roberts who donated $4.45 million to the Nora Roberts Foundation to support literacy in underserved communities.

Meryl Streep actually came in number 3 giving $4 million to the Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts. Who knew? We only hear about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt giving so we always assume that they're giving such big bucks, but Streep is clearly giving more but not making into a press event.