Oprah's Aunt Claims She's Lying About Childhood Abuse

April 13, 2010 By:
Oprah's Aunt Claims She's Lying About Childhood Abuse

Oprah's having one rough week. Not only was there an unauthorized biography released about her, Oprah: A Biography, but now random relatives are coming forward claiming Oprah's a liar.

Oprah has always been very verbal about her abusive past, but her cousin Katharine Carr Esters, who goes by "Aunt Katharine," claims Oprah was making the whole thing up.

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According to Radaronline, in the interview, which Oprah: A Biography author Kitty Kelley conducted in July 2007, Katharine said, "Now you have to understand that I love Oprah, and I love all the good work she does for others, but I do not understand the lies that she tells...She's been doing it for years now."

"[Oprah's grandmother] kept a spotless house,” Katharine said. “It was a wooden, six-room house with a large living room that had a fireplace and rocking chairs ... I've talked to her about this over the years. I've confronted her and asked, 'Why do you tell such lies?' Oprah told me, 'That's what people want to hear. The truth is boring, aunt Katharine. People don't want to be bored. They want stories with drama.’”

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So why would Oprah make up stories about her past? According to Katharine: “That story [of sexual abuse] helped launch Oprah and make her what she is today ... I don't hold with telling lies, but in this case, I can forgive Oprah for what she has done for other people.”

Apparently Kitty Kelley spoke to over 850 people for the unauthorized biography about Oprah's life, but according to Oprah's BFF Gayle King, Oprah doesn't even know that many people. So what Kitty talking to any random Joe Schmo that claimed they knew Oprah? What are your thoughts?