Oprah Treats Her Staff to a Luxury Cruise

June 22, 2009 By:
Oprah Treats Her Staff to a Luxury Cruise

Oprah is officially the worlds greatest boss! The talk show queen may be rolling in some serious cash, but she's all about sharing the love.

While other companies are laying off employees, Oprah is treating them to luxury vacations. She treated 100 plus employees to a cruise around the Mediterranean.

Oprah coughed up more than $750,000 for 100 employees and their families to take a 10-day luxury cruise. How amazing is that?!

The ship left Chicago, Illinois on Saturday and will stop at destinations including Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Malta.

Winfrey, who is also joining in on the vacation, will cover the cost of their transportation, food, drinks and activities at port stops. Talk about an amazing boss! Who wouldn't want to work for her!? She truly has a heart of gold.