Oprah to Tom Cruise: No Couch for You!

May 14, 2010 By:
Oprah to Tom Cruise: No Couch for You!

Tom Cruise returned to Oprah today for the first time in five years! Yes, remember the couch-jumping incident?! Well, Tom has clearly calmed the F down a little since then, and he was not only normal during this appearance, he was downright boring.

But just in case Tom got the urge as he walked onto Oprah’s set, the talk show queen opted for two chairs this time around, rather than the couch. Tom talked quietly about his wife, saying, “Things are going good… I love my wife.”

And he cutely talked about his four-year-old daughter Suri, saying, "She likes to dress herself and wears whatever she wants to wear. She wants to wear it, she wears it…a girl wants to wear what she wants to wear. I'm not gonna tell her different. She's got great taste.”

Perhaps Tom’s sleepy demeanor has something to do with his wife Katie Holmes. He mentioned that she’s a “very relaxed person,” so maybe she made him more chill!

Check out the video below….don’t fall asleep!