Oprah to Oksana: Tell Me Your Story

September 27, 2010 By:
Oprah to Oksana: Tell Me Your Story

We've already heard everything we need to know about Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva's baby mama drama, but apparently she's not done talking.

Oksana's camp is trying to get her booked on a big network so she can spill the beans about Mel. And apparently Oprah and 60 minutes are very interested.

"Talks are underway," a source with direct and specific knowledge of the negotiations tells Radaronline.

"Oksana's camp is talking to at least one other major network in addition to CBS," revealed the insider.

The source added, "Oksana has a very powerful story to tell, from emigrating to the United States from Russia, her marriage to Timothy Dalton, her music career and the volatile relationship with Mel Gibson."

Haven't we heard it all already? Are you sick of Mel and his baby mama drama? Will you tune in to hear what else she has to say?