Oprah to Launch Jenny McCarthy Talk Show

May 4, 2009 By:
Oprah to Launch Jenny McCarthy Talk Show

Jenny McCarthy is about to become a very rich woman! The queen of media, Oprah is teaming up with Jenny to help launch a Jenny McCarthy Talk Show.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jenny has already started her own blog on Oprah.com in order to generate a following. Her first entry was about PMS.

As you all know, Oprah is credited for the success of Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray's shows. And luckily for Jenny, the big O (no pun intended) is going to put her under her wing and help her soar just as high.

Jenny has made numerous visits on Oprah's show, as well as other talk shows, mostly talking about her son’s autism and tried to help parents deal with having an autistic child.

Jenny is so outspoken and is such much fun to watch, we have no doubt that her show will be a major success. After all, anything Oprah touches turns to gold!

What are your thoughts on the idea of a Jenny talk show? Will you tune in?