Oprah Smoked Crack? Ex Boyfriend Tells All

January 15, 2009 By:
Oprah Smoked Crack? Ex Boyfriend Tells All

Being a celebrity is like being a politician, as soon as you actually make it, all the skeletons in your closet creep out. Oprah is the latest victim of a tell-all book entitled “The Wizard of O.”

Before Oprah was Oprah, she dated a guy named Randolph Cook back in 1985. Being young and naive Oprah tried drugs with her boyfriend and now the story is back to haunt her.

Cook tried to sell his tell-all book back in 1997, but no publication wanted to pick it up because they didn't want to cross Oprah. We've said it before and we'll say it again, nobody messes with Oprah!

Anyway, the National Enquirer got some excerpts from the book. Apparently “Oprah made a “rock” of cocaine and baking soda in the tube and heated it."

He added that “[Oprah] then put the lit torch on the rock, inhaled and held the smoke in her lungs for a long time...We smoked at least a couple of times a week. Sometimes we would smoke up until her limo was waiting to take her to the studio to perform her show…”

Oprah didn't deny the story either, back in '95 during one of her episodes she confessed, “In my 20’s, I’d done this drug and I know exactly what you are talking about...It’s my life’s great big secret. It was such a secret because–I realize (with) the public person I have become–if the story ever were revealed, the tabloids would exploit it and what a big issue it would be.”

So she experimented with drugs in her 20's. As long as she's clean now, it's really not that big a deal. Find us a celebrity who hasn't tried drugs once in their lives and I'll gladly change my name. Do you think she deserves heat for this? She fessed up to it and acknowledged it as a mistake.