Oprah Moving from Daytime to Cable

November 5, 2009 By:
Oprah Moving from Daytime to Cable

Oprah is ready to make the big move from daytime television to cable. According to Deadline.com, the daytime diva will be leaving her afternoon slot on ABC as soon as 2011.

Oprah founded her very own network, called OWN, and now Discovery Network, who owns OWN, has instructed her to move the production there. Discovery Communications chief David Zaslav has demanded that Oprah "move it or lose it" -- move her talk show to OWN, or risk losing the Oprah Winfrey Network altogether.

Oprah is expected to release a statement within the next few days to announce OWN's on-air launch for the start of 2011. And, in several weeks, Oprah will tell the public that she's ending her syndicated Chicago-based daytime talk show when her current deal runs out and moving it to OWN headquarters in Los Angeles probably as soon as mid-2011.

We highly doubt this will affect Oprah at all. Her followers are so devoted to her, that they’ll most likely watch her show no matter what network it’s aired on.