Oprah Leaves Boyfriend Out of Will

January 10, 2008 By:
Oprah Leaves Boyfriend Out of Will

Talk show queen Oprah has cut her longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham out of her will.

Stedman, who has been her partner for over 20 years, doesn't get any of Oprah's estimated $2 billion dollar fortune. Talk about getting shafted!

So who gets Oprah's mullah? The majority of her money will be donated to several charities and the three daughters she plans to adopt, according to MSNBC.

A source says, "(Adoption) is something she has always wanted to do.
"There's no talk of her adopting the children with Stedman - this is something she's going to do by herself."

Does that mean her and Stedman are dunzo? Come to think of it, I can't recall the last time I saw those two together. On a side note: I wish Oprah would adopt me!