Oprah Dedicates Show To Dead Dog

April 2, 2008 By:
Oprah Dedicates Show To Dead Dog

Oprah: Sophie :: Madonna: Blackberry. Capeesh? Obsession factor. Oprah
is dedicating her entire show Friday to her late dog Sophie. She
should follow in Kimora's footsteps by turning her into a diamond she
can show off every day.

The show will deal with the terrible conditions at puppy mills. Lisa
Ling will go into the mills and investigate what goes on at them.
Kind of strange, because precious Sophie didn't come from a puppy
mill. She came from a breeder. Even so, the big O encourages everyone
to tune in. As if it's not tivo'd already!

She says it's "for anybody anywhere who loves a dog, has ever loved a
dog, or just cares about their basic right to humane treatment."