Oprah Comes Out...About Book

April 19, 2010 By:
Oprah Comes Out...About Book

Finally! Oprah has responded to the controversial book about her life. She was at the New York Women in Communications Matrix Awards today presenting an award to her “secret lover” Gayle King.

Lady O skipped the red carpet, but took the stage inside to bash author Kitty Kelley’s book about her life and her supposed secrets. Winfrey denied she and Gayle are lovers, saying her BFF "sometimes cares about my life more than I do.” She also mentioned that last week "was a rough one" for Gayle when the "so-called biography came out."

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"Gayle got herself worked out with all my new daddies coming out,” Oprah joked, referring to the part in the book where Kelley claims Vernon Winfrey is not her biological father.

"This, too, shall pass,” the daytime diva told the applauding crowd. Winfrey described King as "her best friend who always wants the best for me" adding, "She's never been jealous or envious of me a single moment of my life except when I was on stage singing with Tina Turner."

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And Gayle was feeling the platonic love for her friend, saying Oprah showed her "what true love really is."

Note to the ladies: those kinds of statements ain’t gonna do anything for those rumors!!