Oprah Being Sued For $180 Million

October 23, 2008 By:
Oprah Being Sued For $180 Million

Oprah is being sued for $180 million by a man who once was accused of trying to extort money from her. Keifer Bonvillain was accused of attempting to gain $1.5 million after he allegedly recorded phone conversations between himself and an employee of Winfrey in 2005. Bonvillain is said to have claimed the content of the recordings could have damaged the media mogul's reputation.

He allegedly emailed Winfrey in 2006 informing her of the recordings' existence and the "awful things" they contained - and requested the money to keep them quiet, or he would publish the content of the tapes.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. You don’t f**k with Oprah! Doesn’t this guy know this?!

His first charges have since been dropped, and instead of stepping out of the limelight quietly, Keifer is back for more. He’s obviously hurting for cash now, and claims his reputation was damaged from the incident, and now wants $180 million. Reasonable, right?

But a lawyer for Harpo has dismissed the claims, insisting there was no wrongdoing on Oprah’s part: "We know that this whole episode started when the plaintiff wiretapped a Harpo employee in California.

"We advised the plaintiff we believe that wiretapping was illegal, and this case will give us an opportunity to determine whether we were right about that."

We have a feeling we won’t be hearing from this guy after this is all said and done.