Oprah Asks KONY'S Jason Russell: Are You Gay?

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Oprah Asks KONY'S Jason Russell: Are You Gay?

Back in March, Jason Russell and his Invisible Children organization released the documentary Kony 2012 and it quickly became the biggest viral video in history.

Then the film’s creator, Jason Russell, suffered a public nervous breakdown where he was spotted wandering the streets naked, flipping off cars, cussing, and talking nonsense.

Despite having a wife and two kids, many thought his naked street rant had gay tendencies, namely the finger snapping and the b-tchy slurs a ‘la RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Anyways, Jason has emerged from his self-prescribed silence to address his “meltdown” to Oprah, of course.

Oprah, being the straightforward no-nonsense woman that she is, flat out asked him, “Are you gay?”

To which he had a very carefully manicured answer ready:

“Yeah, I’ve heard those rumors...In the video I was snapping my finger up and down. I grew up in theater. My parents started a large children’s theater organization, so I am animated. I am theatrical. That's me by nature. So when you take me, times it by ten, I don't know what was in my head but it was controlling my body and making me do really strange things."

So not gay, just theatrical? Also, if you're trying to find the video of this fabulous moment, it's been taken down from YouTube. But you can watch the rest of his interview below.

Then, for whatever reason, Jason wanted to relive that embarrassing breakdown and essentially gave Oprah a play-by-play of his weird behavior from the video that surfaced back in March.

“I remember flipping off cars…both hands. I remember running around our lemon tree. I am walking around, snapping my fingers up and down. I was slapping my hands on the ground as hard as I can, talking to myself, ranting and raving. I’m talking about good versus evil, talking about God and the devil, it was very out of control,” Jason tells Oprah, “I don’t know who that was. I look at that video and think how sad for him.”

So the moral of the story is, he's not gay, just crazy.

Jason Russell Addresses the Video of His Public Breakdown

Days after the release of the Invisible Children documentary Kony 2012, creator Jason Russell was captured on tape in San Diego walking down the street naked and behaving erratically. Watch as he explains to Oprah what happened that day and what he thinks when he watches the tape now.

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