Oprah Adopts New Puppy

March 3, 2009 By:
Oprah Adopts New Puppy

Oprah sure loves cocker spaniels! If you guys recall, the talk show hosts two cocker spaniels, Sophie and Solomon died last year, leaving Oprah heartbroken and a little lonely.

Hoping to fill the void that Sophie and Solomon left, Oprah has adopted an 8-week-old blonde-colored cocker spaniel. She picked up the pooch on Sunday from the PAWS Chicago shelter.

"[The dog] is really cute," the rep for the shelter said. "Oprah saw her and fell in love with her! She was very excited."

Oprah also has two golden retrievers named Luke and Layla. Her other golden retriever, Gracie, choked to death on a plastic ball in 2007.

Despite running into a little bit of bad luck, those pups probably live a better life than 80% of American's!