Katherine Jackson Does Secret Interview With Oprah

October 11, 2010 By:
Katherine Jackson Does Secret Interview With Oprah

Katherine Jackson has spoken out for the first time since Michael Jackson’s death! Sources tell CNN that Katherine allowed Oprah into her home in Encino, California over the weekend.

The insider says Oprah and her production team arrived on Saturday for the taped interview. The source could very well be someone who was on the actual production team, since they asked not to be identified because media was not supposed to find out.

This is the first interview Katherine has done since Michael’s death last year, except for one interview she did for a documentary.

There’s been no comment from Oprah’s team. But sources did tell TMZ that Oprah herself was at the Jackson residence, and they have the first photos of Oprah getting a tour of the property as well.

No word yet on whether Katherine and/or Joe Jackson will also do a live segment on the show. We hope so—we’re very interested to hear what they have to say about everything that’s gone down the past year.