Drew Barrymore To Make Worldwide Announcement On Oprah

March 3, 2008 By:
Drew Barrymore To Make Worldwide Announcement On Oprah

Tune into Oprah today, if it's not already at the top of your DVR queue.  According to the preview, Drew Barrymore has a huge announcement to make. 

They're calling it Drew's million dollar moment.  It has something to do with a charity, and Drew will be revealing it on the show.  Plus, rumor has it, boyfriend Justin Long is a surprise guest. Do we have another couch-jumping episode in the making?

Update: Drew Barrymore made a hefty donation on Oprah today. She donated $1 million of her own money to the World Food Programme that the U.N. agency said would used to feed thousands of school children in Kenya. WFP hopes the United States will be able to donate enough money to feed 10 million of those children.

"I have seen with my own eyes what a difference a simple cup of nutritious porridge can make in a child's life," said Drew, who has traveled to Kenya twice in the past two years for WFP.

"It helps them learn, stay healthy and sets them on track for a bright future. I urge everyone, everywhere, to help WFP 'Fill the Cup' for hungry children, and make hunger history."