Celebs React to Oprah Tell-All Book

April 15, 2010 By:
Celebs React to Oprah Tell-All Book

As Hollyscoop previously reported, Oprah's apparent “secret life” is being exposed!! Author Kitty Kelley claims she spoke to over 850 sources who had some explosive things to say about Lady O – and we have to admit – it’s pretty ballsy to take on the queen of media.

The book claims Oprah was molested as a young girl, became pregnant and had a child who died as an infant, It also says she makes her employees sign confidentiality agreements, and had a secret relationship with Diane Sawyer. Uh…random!

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Oprah’s BFF Gayle King says O doesn't even know 850 people, which makes us think some of the info in this book simply isn't true. And so do some celebs.

Avatar's Zoe Saldana finds the bio inappropriate. “It’s called ‘unauthorized’ for a reason,” she explained. “I think it’s really intrusive. People should get a life. You should write your own biography, If you have so much time on your hands to write about someone else’s life then there is something wrong with you.”

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You tell ‘em, girl! Chris Rock, however, thinks it’s all part of being a huge celebrity. He told us, “You live in a big house, that is the rent you have to pay. People are going to write about you and say stuff. I just accept anything, my dad always said, ‘If they can’t kick your ass and they don’t pay your bills, what do you care?’”

Way to put it in perspective Chris – but not persuasive enough--- we still wanna read it! Oprah: A Biography is in stores now.