Movie Review: One Missed Call

January 11, 2008 By:
Movie Review: One Missed Call

My first question I have to ask myself after seeing "One Missed Call" is... What happened to the old Horror genre? A better question is... What ever happened to the old, eerie ghost stories I used to see and hear? And, my third and final question I ask myself is... Why did I just go see this movie? A re-make of a Japanese film titled "Chakushin ari," "One Missed Call" does not have what it takes to surpass its Japanese predecessor. Instead, all it's left with is yet another un-watchable horror re-make that is stamped with a PG-13 rating and tossed into theaters to hopefully make the studio some money.

The movie follows a group of friends who receive terrifying phone messages on their cell phones from their future selves. On the message, which cannot be deleted, the victims hear themselves die. As they each begin to expire one by one, Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon, Rules of Attraction, 40 Days and 40 Nights) is left traumatized with one gruesome death after another. Knowing that the phone calls are somehow connected, and she is eventually going to be next, all Beth can do is try to solve the mystery of the haunted cell phone calls before she is too late. Seeming and sounding delusional (doesn't she!) no one believes what Beth is trying to tell them, not even the police. Except for Detective Jack Andrews (Edward Burns, 27 Dresses, Life or Something Like It, Saving Private Ryan) who at first doesn't accept what Beth is attempting to describe, but knows that the deaths are related in some way. Thus leaving Beth and Jack to feverishly search as they attempt to investigate the mysteries behind the missed cell phone calls, before it's too late... Or is it too late already?

My belief is that the PG-13 rating equaled the death of the Horror genre. This rating takes out the obscenities, the blood, and all the violent images that are necessary in a well-made horror film. So, what are you left with? Just some random things that jump out from nowhere attempting to scare the 13 year olds that are in the theater. Well it worked! The 13 year olds were freaked out as I sat there watching a terrible movie. No obscenities? All teens curse, that is the most unbelievable part of the film. The ghosts where more believable than the lack of cursing in the movie. How can all your friends be dying one by one, leaving you to be the next victim, and you don't say "F#@%" once! Also, as most true horror fans go to see the death scenes in their originality on the big-screen, all that we're left with is a loud scream and some fancy camera angles attempting to show you all they can, without a drop of blood. Now that I have reached the end, I'm sure you have all realized that I did not enjoy this film.

Pat the Movie Critic gives "One Missed Call" --- 1 1/2 Scoops.