Zayn Malik Gives In To Peer Pressure

August 23, 2012 By:
Zayn Malik Gives In To Peer Pressure

Well that lasted longer than most Hollywood relationships…

A day after his grand gesture to vacate the Twittersphere and leave his five million followers in the dust, Zayn Malik of One Direction is back on the tweet. The news comes in the form of some brand spanking new tweets to followers.

Zayn announced his Twitter return with a tweet explaining his motives for abandoning everyone and then flip-flopping back to the social media site…

Just four hours after that little message was broadcast, it was retweeted over 80,000 times… That’s over 300 retweets a minute!

You fans excited to have Zayn back in your feed much?

Since the big news, Zayn has been busy tweeting away, thanking fans for their support through the “abuse.”

He also hinted at some “big news” coming from the boys of 1D in the future.

As his return tweet mentions, Hollyscoop previously reported that the singer left Twitter due to an overwhelming amount of hate in his inbox from anti-fans. Before checking out, he urged fans to tweet him at the One Direction handle with “something nice to say.”

Other celebs to do the back-and-forth dance on Twitter lately are Charlie Sheen, who made his return earlier this month, and Alec Baldwin… Though the “30 Rock” actor has yet to come back to his original Twitter account, he has been channeling his feelings through his foundation’s handle @ABFalecbaldwin.