Win a Competition and Fly With One Direction

June 26, 2012 By:

British Airways has launched a new competition that kicks-off tomorrow that will allow regular commoners like yourself to fly British Airways with a celebrity or five!

“Join us and a mystery band for lunch in the air with our Flying Start competition,” the airline released in a YouTube video.

The catch is, they don’t tell you who the celeb passengers will be. However, the YouTube video depicts five famous figures with their faces covered and it’s quite obvious that the mystery band is One Direction.

How do I know this? Harry Style’s hair is a dead giveaway.

We're still trying to figure out how being strapped into a chair miles in the air qualifies as meeting your favorite band, but sure, maybe you can pass by them on the way to the restroom? Actually, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll take a trip to the mile high club where one of them will have you “Up All Night.” Woaah! Rein it in!

The winning instructions won't be released until tomorrow. So head over to on June 27th, 2012 for more details.

I’m assuming the contest involves proving yourself as their “biggest fan” or something. Which shouldn’t be a problem, We've seen the One Direction concert film, you One Directioners are nuts!

The only catch is, you must be a UK resident.

My next Google query is… “How To Become a UK Resident.”

Hey, you were thinking it too.