'The Wanted' Would Collaborate With 'One Direction' For Charity

May 21, 2012 By:
'The Wanted' Would Collaborate With 'One Direction' For Charity

Peanut butter and jelly, hot chocolate and marshmallows, The Wanted and One Direction

Though the two boy-man acts have been colored as rivals, the UK groups are all pals behind the scenes. There’s even talk of a possible collaboration down the road. Hollyscoop caught up with The Wanted boys to get the scoop.

“I think it's very expected from the media always trying to put two bands together and trying to start a rivalry,” member Nathan Sykes told Hollyscoop. “We have no issue with them whatsoever.”

Nathan went on to say that he thought 1D boys were all “great lads” who’ve stayed true to their sound so far in their career.

Because of a similar fan base, the boys of The Wanted have been talking about the possibility of collaborating with 1D in the near future. As a whole, they don’t hate the idea, especially if they could tie in a charity to benefit from the partnership's earnings.

“I think the collaboration between the two bands could generate a lot of cash maybe and we would actually be willing to do it for charity,” said Nathan.

Along with performing at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards, the group has been busy. They have two studio albums The Wanted and Battleground and just released an EP The Wanted under Mercury Records. The Wanted is currently working on their next studio release and they are planning some other collaborations as well.

Justin Bieber, maybe? Only if he sounds good, the band joked. Member Jay McGuiness chimed in.

“I think I would have to rap battle with him and then we’ll see how good he’s doing… who knows,” said Jay.