Report: Husband Of Harry Styles Former Hook-Up Haunted By His Image

July 3, 2012 By:
Report: Husband Of Harry Styles Former Hook-Up Haunted By His Image

If you feel like Harry Styles’ boy toy face is popping up wherever you look, it’s nothing compared to what Oliver Pope is going through.

In the UK – and increasingly in the US – the boys of One Direction are being worshipped as the hottest up and coming sex symbols. For Pope, that fantasy became a reality when the then 17-year-old member Harry Styles reportedly had an affair with his wife.

Oliver's lady, Lucy Horobin, is a 32-year-old Machester radio and television personality. Reportedly, Harry and Lucy got together when the cougar-baggin’ kid put the moves on her. Styles wooed her during an appearance on radio station Key 103 where Lucy worked at the time, telling her that she looked “lovely.”

News of the affair first broke last month.

According to the Daily Mirror, Oliver was pretty torn up about the whole thing when Lucy finally admitted to the deed. A friend of Oliver’s relayed his disappoint.

“Oliver remembers clear as day the moment Lucy sat him down and told him what had happened,” the friend said. “He couldn’t bear to watch TV in case Harry was on.”

Like a bad horror film, Oliver started seeing Harry wherever he turned. In addition to television, Harry’s face was in the newspaper, his voice was on the radio, merchandise…

“At the time it was very difficult,” the friend continued. “One Direction were everywhere.”

Apparently at the time of the fling, Lucy and Oliver were going through a “stumbling point” in their marriage. As a result to coming clean, Oliver and Lucy’s relationship suffered a little more, but soon “there was light at the end of the tunnel.”

Oliver and Lucy have worked through their differences and are reportedly still together and doing well. Meanwhile, Harry is reportedly banging other cougars like TV presenter Caroline Flack.

And just like that, the world is back to its normal, weird self.