Perez Hilton Faces Heat From Celebs And 1D Fans

August 23, 2012 By:
Perez Hilton Faces Heat From Celebs And 1D Fans

The gossip prince is in the middle of a revolt…

Following One Direction member Zayn Malik’s sudden departure from Twitter, the blame is shifting to for the cause of the singer’s frustration. As a result, fans and possibly even celebrities are lashing out in their own ways at the man in charge of the gossip sight.

It all started with a video that Perez posted, which allegedly caught Zayn flirting with one of the group’s backup dancers at a hotel where they were staying.

A bodyguard interfered and sent the kids back to their rooms, but apparently the damage was already done when Zayn’s girlfriend Perrie allegedly found out…
The same day, the 1D member deleted his Twitter account due to all the hate that was pouring in. (Since then, he has returned to the site.)

Victorious, Perez tweeted what seemed to be a triumph for the site.

The International Business Times reports that, around the same time, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus all unfollowed Perez as a result. But, according to Miley, she was never following Perez to begin with.

Miley tweeted her own reaction to the rumors…

No comment from Gaga or Spears yet with their reactions or reasons for unfollowing.

Still – even for Perez himself – there was no denying the impact of the Directioner army left on the Twitterverse.