One Direction's Private Concert for Johnny Depp's Daughter

November 14, 2012 By:
One Direction's Private Concert for Johnny Depp's Daughter
Image By: Twitter

In case he was having any trouble earning the award for “Father of the Friggin’ Year,” here’s a little tidbit that is sure to put him at the top of the list…

Johnny Depp—the man known to turn straight men gay—somehow managed to get a little bit cooler today. The Lone Ranger actor brought One Direction into his house to put on a private concert for his daughter Lily Rose. 

According to the UK’s The Sun, when the actor learned that the boys were in town he called them in to jam in his Los Angeles in-home studio for his little girl’s 13th birthday.

Yes, when you’re Johnny Depp, you can pull more than a couple strings.

“He brought out his piano and guitars for the boys to test and they had a little jam session,” a source told The Sun, “Lily Rose just watched with her blushing mates while her dad temporarily joined the world’s biggest boy band.”

I know what you’re thinking… Johnny Depp and One Direction in the same room… It’s a heavy load to take in all at once, let alone believe. 

But apparently it actually happened because Lily Rose posted photos (which she watermarked for some reason?) of the experience on Twitter. 

Side note: Johnny Depp—and ONLY Johnny Depp—can pull off whatever the hell he’s wearing in this photo.

Meanwhile, normal, not daughters of famous people girls had to sleep on the streets of New York City for five days just to catch a glimpse of the One Direction boys…

Lily-Rose, you are one lucky girl! Also, happy birthday!