One Direction Hits Up Six Flags Magic Mountain

June 18, 2012 By:
One Direction Hits Up Six Flags Magic Mountain

Now THIS is what pre-teen dreams are made of!

Picture it: You’re a 12 year-old-girl. It’s the first week of summer vacation, the summer between elementary school and Jr. High.

You decide to start if off right with a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, in Valencia CA, with your two BFF’s who have flanked your side since that incident at recess in second grade.

You get the outfit, the shoes, the accessories that aren’t necessarily the best choice for a day in the sun, but you look good.

Mom drops you off.

Again, thinking big, you get in line to ride your favorite roller coaster.

You look over and a cute boy catches your eye. Then another. Then another. And you realize...O M G...

The. Boys. Behind. You. In. Line. Are. Three. Of. The. Five. Members. Of. Britain’s. hottest. Export.



This is a defining life moment. One that will be told and retold countless times. One that will get you a better lunch table.

You will be the girl who rode a rollercoaster two cars behind One Direction.

The boys are in Los Angeles for the West Coast leg of their Up All Night Tour. If you weren’t one of the lucky hot dog eating spectators, you have until the end of July to catch them somewhere in the US.