One Direction Boys Give You 'Access 1D Part2: USA'

July 25, 2012 By:
One Direction Boys Give You 'Access 1D Part2: USA'

You subscribe to have One Direction fan mail sent with love to your own personal inbox directly from the dreamy five themselves, right?

If the answer is “no,” we certainly hope you don’t consider yourself a “Directioner…”

Don’t worry, we here at Hollyscoop have the inside tip, why? Because we care. About them. And you.

A perk of the subscription came right into our laps today with a link to “Access 1D Part2: USA”

“Today we've got a really special treat for you! That's right: it's the very latest edition of our Access 1D video blog, all filmed during the boys' recent US tour!”

The two and half minutes includes footage of the boys, being boys to an overlay of their very own soundtrack. And who can really get enough of that?

Harry juggles, dances and flexes, the boys play rough house, they pose for pictures, throw things at each other, Niall steals a piggy back, they pose for pictures, they sing, sit, laugh, strum guitars, Zayne sleeps with a teddy bear, they pose for pictures, and offer each other high fives as fans -- including Katy Perry -- swoon.

Anyway, join the list, watch the videos (Oh yeah! And read our links to learn about Harry’s extra curricular activities), then you can consider yourself a fan. I mean, a Directioner.