One Direction Banned From Seeing A Strip Show

June 5, 2012 By:
One Direction Banned From Seeing A Strip Show

One Direction was banned from seeing a strip show in Las Vegas, because duh, little baby boys with pixie haircuts aren’t allowed to see strip shows!

Actually, all the boys are over the age of 18, so why couldn’t they see some topless action?

Their tour manager said they "didn’t have time.”

Former playmate Holly Madison, star of "PEEPSHOW" at Planet Hollywood, is a huge One Direction fan and reportedly arranged with her bosses to offer the boys free tickets to see her show, backstage passes, and a private show but their manager turned it down.

“One Direction are not happy. The [hotel] chiefs offered them the works, and Holly loves the boys. She wanted to give them a special show and even get them backstage to meet all the girls.”

“Meet all the girls” is code for (rhymes with ‘flap dance’).

The boys wrapped up their show at the Performing Arts Center in Vegas on Saturday night and had to be in Phoenix, Arizona the next day, which is a 6-hour drive away. Apparently the boys are very upset their couldn’t go to the nudie show.

The source told UK paper Daily Star [, “Harry [Styles] especially would have been like a kid in a candy shop. But they are not able to fit in the show and make the schedule for Phoenix.”

Harry especially would have liked it? Is Harry Styles the horn-dog of the group? I’m asking…for a friend.

We reached out to the One Direction rep, who gave us the standard, “No Comment.”

Apparently, the boys have been overworked on their tour and have no time for play.

“For most of their time in the States, it’s been all work for the lads and not much play. This would have been a nice distraction.”

As Hollyscoop previously reported, the boys did managed to carve out some playtime last week in Niagara Falls and play video games after touring the falls.

Video games to strip show...just typical boys if you ask me.