Harry Styles Is Quite The Ladies Man And One Lady Is Really Nervous...

June 26, 2012 By:
Harry Styles Is Quite The Ladies Man And One Lady Is Really Nervous...

One Direction’s Harry Styles has been getting around -- figuratively, and literally.

At only 18 years old, he’s already got quite the womanizing reputation. Let’s go through just a couple of known conquests courtesy of the UK’s Mirror.

In August, he wooed 32-year-old Lucy Horobin -- a DJ of a Manchester radio station – on air. Then they took it a bit further privately, thankfully. Unfortunately the tryst almost wrecked her marriage. Tisk, tisk, Lucy.

When their illicit affair fizzled, he moved on to TV host Caroline Flack, also 32 years old (uhm… so what’s the opposite of cougar?).

And though it doesn’t seem that they are still together, she is worried about pictures of the two getting leaked publically. Uh-huh, it would appear that they are those kinds of pictures.

She recently confided in friends (the kind of friends that spill your secrets to magazines), "There are pictures of me and Harry Styles when we were together."

And she added, "I hope they don't get shown about." Then apparently had some drinks with said friends and went dancing.

The question remains as to whether or not she is genuinely concerned, or maybe she’s just planting the seed of a pending release -- teaser trailer style? Cause we all know the kind push that sexy pics and vids can give a career.

She’s also said to have a little “thing” for Jay of The Wanted… can you say, “boy band opportunist,” anyone?

Anyway, as for how Styles is coping with his wandering ways being made public? According to TMZ, he’s cruising some new territory, Beverly Hills. In a Ferrari. That retails for around, oh, a scant $200K.

Clearly fame’s been good to Harry, in more ways than one… Mmmmmm Hmmmm.

Hope the other (broke) One Direction isn’t following his success. Ouch.